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A Proposal Under Pressure By Andreo Milam

Noah Miller’s proposal to Angela Andrea was a heart pounding experience for more than one reason. Not only was he about to lay it all on the line and ask his beloved girlfriend to spend the rest of her life with him; he was terrified the ring would slip away into the Caribbean Sea, never to be seen again.

Angela had unknowingly selected her own engagement ring the previous day during a stroll through George Town, where the couple was visiting friends who live on Grand Cayman.
“We were going down the strip looking at all the shops, and she saw this ring at Colombian Emeralds and said ‘If we ever get married, that is the ring I want,’” Noah recalls. “I thought, ‘Well, I should just buy it and propose to her.’”
The thought consumed Noah as the couple and their friends continued browsing shops over the next few hours. The group eventually doubled back, as they approached Colombian Emeralds for the second time. Noah knew he had to act.
“I said I had to go to the bathroom and I started off in that direction, but then I went in the jewelry store and bought the ring while my friend Nick, who knew what I was doing, kept Angela busy,” Noah says.
That evening, Noah ever the proper gentleman phoned Angela’s parents back in the states and asked for their permission to propose to their daughter. With permission granted, he and Nick started scheming, coming up with the best way for the proposal to go down. The duo decided that Noah would pop the question at Rum Point during a day of swimming with the stingrays, snorkeling, and jet skiing. Nick was to bury the ring’s box on the beach and write “look here,” while Noah would keep the ring in a plastic bag in his bathing suit pocket. A grand scheme indeed, though it led to added stress for Noah.
“I was a nervous wreck,” Noah recalls. “I was so worried the ring would fall out of my pocket in the ocean. I spent the whole day in the ocean with my hands on my pocket. Ang asked if I was okay and I said I had a bad headache.”
Finally, the plan was set in motion when Angela was guided down the beach by Noah. As the sun hung low in the sky, casting a warm orange glow over the beach, Angela took notice of the instructions written in the sand and began to dig. She found the box and turned back to Noah, who had dropped to one knee and was offering up the ring he’d clung to so tightly throughout the day. Luckily for the couple, the ring had stayed with Noah – and Angela said yes.
The couple decided they wanted a small, outdoor wedding, and loved the romance of getting married exactly where Noah had proposed on Grand Cayman. They worked together, each of their personalities and preferences emerging in the selection of their music, flowers, and decorations. Elina Zavala of Parfait Cayman acted as their woman on the ground, helping the couple select their vendors.
“We told her what we wanted and she asked the right questions to get us where we needed to be,” says Noah.
As the wedding day approached, the couple and their guests settled in at the Wyndham Reef Resort. Noah and Angela met their guests for lunches and dinners as they arrived on island. In an effort to keep the trip as laid-back as possible, the couple opted not to schedule several events, but instead provided their guests with information on local activities, allowing them to explore the island at their leisure.
“We wanted it to be relaxing,” Noah says. “We didn’t want to set up a packed schedule with events that everyone had to attend. Every day, we spent several hours together with our guests, snorkeling and sitting around talking.”
When the day of the wedding arrived, Noah took it easy while Angela had her hair styled and makeup done by Jimmie DeLoach. Daria Keenan of Picture This Studios arrived to begin capturing the day, all while the couple started to worry about the weather.
“I was getting a little freaked out because it was raining all morning,” Noah says. “We got in the car to head over to Rum Point Club, stopping along the way to take several photos. As we got halfway there, we crossed this line and suddenly it was perfectly sunny. When we got to Rum Point, everything was perfect –blue skies.
After a short ceremony under sunny skies on the same beach where Noah had proposed, the group boarded a Red Sail Sports catamaran for a sunset sail, where guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and drinks provided by the Rum Point Club. The newlyweds and their guests spent a fabulous two hours at sea before returning to Rum Point for dinner. The group then released wish lanterns, making a game of it to see who could get their lantern to fly the farthest. Angela and Noah danced and enjoyed the company of their closest loved ones, reveling in their first night as a married couple.
The following morning, the group gathered at Tukka Restaurant & Bar for brunch, reliving the highs of the previous day. Angela and Noah stayed together for a few extra days on Grand Cayman, including partaking in the Pirates Week Festival activities.
“The wedding could not have been more perfect,” Noah says. “Rum Point Club provided such a wide range of food, so everybody could pick what they wanted to eat. The way Elina handled everything took the stress out of it for us. Everything was smooth, nice, intimate, almost no stress at all. It was very fun.>/p>


Rum Point Club

Jimmie DeLoach of DeLoach Enterprises

Elina Zavala of Parfrait

Red Sail Sports

Daria Keenan of Picture This Studios