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All in the Family By Andrea Milan

Renny Powers and Paul Raymond had been a part of each other’s lives for as long as they could remember. Paul has the brother of Renny’s best friend. The comfort and familiarity they shared with one another eventually developed into something new. Special, and exciting, and before they knew it, they were in love.

Just as they were constants in one another’s lives, the Cayman Islands was a big part of Renny and Paul’s life as a couple, even before they decided to marry there. Paul’s parents have one business in the islands for years, and the couple had been living there several times. “We just fell in love and decided that was where we wanted to get married,” Renny says.
The couple was on Grand Cayman scouting for wedding location when a chance encounter during a dive trip with Ocean Frontiers steered them toward their venue – Ristorante Pappagallo.
“Some of the guys on the dive boat said the food was wonderful, so we wanted to check it out,” says Renny. “They were under remodeling, but the owner allowed us to come take a look. It had a great atmosphere; kind of secluded and private out on the northwestern end of the island.”
Once they had a venue in place, it was time to choose a wedding planner. At the recommendation of her florist, Every Bloomin’ Thing, Renny contacted Sarah Parker at Save the Date, who would become instrumental in helping Paul and Renny’s wedding go off without a hitch.
“She was wonderful and so accommodating in helping me start the process,” says Renny. “For the whole year we planned the wedding, and she was phenomenal. She took care of everything, and reminded me of things I hadn’t even though about. I didn’t realize all that was involved, and I couldn’t have done it without her. Sarah was well worth every dime.”
During the year-long planning period, Renny traveled to Grand Cayman, suitcases full of wedding decorations in tow. Finally, as the wedding date grew nearer, Paul, Renny, and about 60 of their closest friends and family converged on Grand Cayman for what would prove to be a true once-in-a-lifetime celebration. The two families mingled over a welcome dinner at Cracked Conch, which was “phenomenal,” Renny says.
The following day, Paul and Renny showed their gyests what they love most about Grand Cayman – the crystal clear waters teeming with marine life–with a Moby Dick Tours boat trip, complete with snorkeling stops and a visit to renowned Stingray City.
The day before the wedding, the skies opened up and rain poured down over the island, as though to ensure the skies would be clear on Renny and Paul’s wedding day; and indeed, the day dawned bright and beautiful.
Paul, Renny, and their family and friends – including Paul’s 11-year old daughter Breanna, who played a significant role in the wedding – converged on the beach at Villas Pappagallo on the evening of July 13, 2015, to witness the couple officially tie the knot.
The gentle sounds of the guitar played by one of the couple’s family friends guided Renny down the aisle toward her soon-to-be husband. During the nuptials, the couple performed a sand ceremony to highlight their convergence as a family, and Paul’s mother read a special poem.
Once the ceremony was finished, guests came together at Pappagallo’s impressed from start to finish, says Renny.
“We loved the old Hemingway tropical feel at Pappagallo’s and the service was exceptional,” she says. “At one point late into the reception, one of the waiters made a little bed by pushing two chairs together for one of the little boys who was tired. The cakes were delicious. Some wedding cakes look great but don’t taste good; our cake was so yummy, we ate the leftovers every day on our honeymoon.”
One of the highlights of Renny’s special day is not what most people consider to be the fun part of the wedding – taking portraits with the photographer. But Rebecca Davidson of Rebecca Davidson Photograohy made the typically tedious process entertaining for Renny and Paul.
“My most memorable moment is taking pictures with Rebecca,” says Renny. “It was so much fun to stuff my dress into the car and drive from location to location. She’s so personable. She really makes you relax.”
Renny and Paul’s wedding day was as it should be – “the most perfect day,” and the bride heaps praise onto Sarah from Save the Date for ensuring the day and all the events leading up to it were completely free of stress.
The importance of family to the couple is evident in their choice to bring Paul’s daughter along with them on their honeymoon at Compass Dive Resort on the island’s East End.
The Cayman Islands have become such an influential part of the couple’s life that they hope to one day become island residents – after they see Breanna through her schooling and college. Paul’s experience as a welder and metal fabricator and Renny’s skills as a hairdresser could certainly be put to good use on the island.
“Everyone on the island is so nice and accommodating,” Renny says. “We miss it already.”

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